eSport Journalist Award 2012


Carsten Dierig

Carsten DierigArticle: Daddeln in der Profi-Liga (Eng.: Gaming in the Pro League) – Die Welt, German national daily newspaper

Carsten Dierig received the award for his article on professional gamers, both western and eastern in the professional level and the expansion of eSports as a whole. The article was published last year on the 20th of August in the Die Welt newspaper.

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Patrick Howell O‘Neill

Patrick Howell O'NeillArticle: A History of Esports – The Chobopeon Show

Patrick Howell O’Neill studied the roots of eSports and created a video with the complete history of electronic sports, an incredible feat by itself. Yet the final result is a gigantic and interesting watch for both veterans and newcomers. These two incredible journalistic documents provide an in-depth view of the past, present and future of eSports.

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Tom Cheshire

Tom CheshireArticle: Career gamers – Wired, UK-based technology magazine

Tom Cheshire has presented us with an interesting article about another veteran eSport player. eSport is a fast-paced, constantly changing scene despite having some age already and it is presenting many questions to veteran players who are feeling too old. How much experience is enough in order to beat the new players with their different tactics and faster reaction times?

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Mathias Hamann


  1. Wie Schach spielen im Musikvideo Rhythmus (Eng.: Like playing chess with the rhythm of a music video)  Zeit Online, German magazine website
  2. Deutschlands beste Counterstrikerin (Eng.: Germany’s best female Counterstrike player)  Zeit Online, German magazine website
  3. Schließbefehl für "Counterstrike" (Eng.: Closing order for Counterstrike)  Spiegel Online, German magazine website

Mathias Hamann is an extremely active eSports writer and wrote a number of interesting articles covering many aspects that aren’t commonly seen in both normal news and scene news.

The chosen articles depict political issues, gender differences and a comparison to chess, all related to eSports in a fascinating and informative way. With so many excellent articles to choose from, it was hard to pick just one. 

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Winfried Laasch

Winfried LaaschArticle: “Ist eSport ‘echter’ Sport?” (Eng.: Is eSport ‘truly’ sport?) –  German broadcasting company

Winfried Laasch wrote for the website of one of the main German TV companies a long and well written article about the question many people ask - How much “sport” does eSport have?

Winfried goes in detail to show that despite the actual physical exercise in eSports is indeed close to none, there are many factors to be considered besides physical effort. Gamers can get mentally exhausted, for example.

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Michal Blicharz

Michal Blicharz

SK Logo

Article: “Paupers will be kings” –

2008 eSports Journalist Award winner Michał “Carmac” Blicharz wins the prize a second time in a row, having received the award for his journalistic work for SK Gaming. Blicharz’s column “Paupers will be kings” takes a look at the current state of the eSports industry as well as the difference between success and failure.

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Tim Farin & Christian Parth

Tim FarinChristian ParthArticle: “Wirtschaftsfaktor Counterstrike” (Eng.: Economy factor Counterstrike) – Die Welt, German newspaper 

Tim Farin and Christian Parth, partners in journalism, wrote a fascinating article regarding the economic values and views of eSports as well as the professionalism of players, bringing in-depth information about the scene and its philosophy in a rich and detailed text.

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Michal Blicharz

Michal Blicharz

GGL Logo

Article: “It’s not just a game” –

Michał Blicharz receives the 2007 eSports Journalist Award for his critical articles for the Global Gaming League. Over the last year, Blicharz becomes more and more recognizable in the gaming community, having had a significant hand in the growth of eSports with his coverage.

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Bernhard Hübner

Bernhard HübnerArticle: “FIFA Zwillinge jetzt schon Weltmeister” (Eng.: FIFA twins are already world champions) – Süddeutsche Zeitung, German newspaper

Bernhard Hübner was the first winner of the eSports Journalist Award. Like other nominees, Hübner’s article displayed the many faces of eSports in common terms, making it understandable by anyone. The article tells about the stories of Daniel and Dennis Schellhase, two of the most important eSport players at the time.

“eSports is a topic that gets a lot of appeal in public eyes. That is why it is our duty as journalists to report more about this topic and clear previous misunderstandings caused by so-called shooter games”, said Hübner during the ceremony.

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